JEUDI 29 JANVIER 2004 | 19 à 22 h. Entrée libre / 7 pm to 10 pm. Free admission.


de Vancouver:
olo J. Milkman, Esq. : [Projections de lignes et lumières]
tobias c. van Veen : [techno.turntablism & collage de bruits]

from Vancouver:
olo J. Milkman, Esq. : [recombinant projections of lines and light]
tobias c. van Veen : [techno.turntablism & noise collage]

The Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) welcomed Product Of Nelgect into their space to give Montréal a recombinant experience. tobias c. van Veen organized, and filled the room with recombinant sound for over three hours.

PON thanks him for his efforts.

A three hour sequential slideshow of processed digital images played on one video screen, the other showcased a flash animation display of the Lambots (working title)™, created by ssiess.

  • 35mm slides were projected onto the walls and ceiling
  • The projection on the ceiling used anamorphosis, becoming flat from one corner of the space.
  • The 'Incandenza' bento box set was displayed.
  • A set of recombento panels were also put up.

recombinant wallpaper made it's debut, covering a large chunk of wall, one pillar, and a wee patch to show its utilitarian versatility.


A detail of the recombinant wallpaper.


In this instance, the "Hal" bento box was used to generate the pattern. A rotated mutation was made every 4 panels (approx.)


Unfortunately, we ran out of camera juice before documenting the participants.


olo J. Milkman would like to thank the people of Montréal for being so nice while he visited. He suggests about 2000 of you move out West to vancouver and help the town become a city.