:: mercredi 4 février - 7pm à 10 pm (extensible jusqu'à minuit)

Une initiative du collectif Montréalais

"Les îles-de-la-Vexation"

composé des DJ Dav & Emmanuelle & artiste visuel José Lozano

Soirée chaude, ambiance sablée
Musique & environnement total


Les îles-de-la-Vexation, statement...

I’m in love with your Ex

On a island far far away from here, there exists an unknown policy of 3 way love, where art star sleeping beauty boys with long eye lashes lie sound asleep on feather blankets while a past & a present lover frolic around exchanging tips on how to crack into people’s e-mails while drinking champagne on the rocks and trying on each other’s expensive french lingerie. Vexation island is a place where only a select number of philipino fairies can enjoy the luxury of getting into each other’s panties with the certainty of changing the course of history by influencing the content of free publications encouraging lavish vice. Long walks on sandy beaches, sudden encounters with parrots and seddated pirates are only a myriad of things that can be experienced on this side of reality. But you remain simply the best thing that ever happened. Because I’m in love with your ex.


Les îles-de-la-Vexation: the supporting cast of caracters


mix_sessionsHow is it that the work of Phonotonik Dav is so little known outside the inner circle of fashionista music lovers ? For the consistency and clarity of his vision, for his sharp sense of proportions and atmosphere of secrecy, he deserves the same idolatry as Coco Chanel. He’s an adept of the “Work In Progress”, which has led him to choose a slow, but sure aesthetic and commercial evolution of his music. After years of producing in his Montreal home studio, the very discreet Dav is on his way to becoming a new reference in our ever growing ultra-glamourized electronic music scene.




mix_sessionsYou’re not tempted are you ? And after hearing a few of Emmanuelle’s strange combinations of Disco, Darkwave, Hip Hop & House, you just might want to hear her again. It’s a unique experience. It soon becomes clear. To the point that some people just can’t wait. While her sets start out as relatively broad, it is interesting to hear the progression from slowly giving in to the music until surely loosing control on the dancefloor with fellow comrads. Nothing like this moment when all her hidden influences merge into one motivational leap of faith. There is no irony in the performance.



José Garcia Lozano

mix_sessionsIt would have been impossible to finish our little tour of artists without mentioning J G Lozano. The story of José Garcia Lozano leaving his native Mexico, hands still full of coffee beans he used to pick when he was little, before discovering his love for old super 8 projectors, reads like a bedtime story. He is a real American success story. Film became the partner of all his first adventures in the American East, from graffiti artists, to fishermen, to Buck 65. Then there was Ellen. The eternal inspiration and essential to all his present life & work. They are inseperable. Obligatory vintage models though, remain the center piece of his fashion.




SAT[mix_sessions] Jam_sessions


Stations d'improvisation vidéo et musicale . Un lieu de convergence et d’expérimentation autour de la production d’images vidéo et de musique en temps réel pour le développement et la promotion de la scène VJ et MUSICALE à Montréal. Dès 19 h. - Live Video and Music improvisation. For the development and the promotion of musical and visual scene in Montreal. Starting at 7 p.m.