Programme international de résidences d'artistes


NIFCA - le "Nordic Institute of Contemporary Art" a créé en 2003, en partenariat, le NEW MEDIA AIR, un programme de résidences dédié aux artistes des nouveaux médias.


JANVIER 2004 - MARS 2004
  Olle Huge


beeoff is a Swedish artist group, based in Stockholm, formed in 1996. Today the members of the group are Mikael Scherdin, Olle Huge and Tomas Linell. Since the start they have focused on real-time processes and worked with advanced Internet technology as a distribution form. Their work often combines sound and images, where the image affects the sound and vice versa. In order to produce real-time image and sounds, they often build sculptures or installations containing video cameras, security cameras, TV monitors, computers, vegetables, organisms, and lots of other things. This means that the image and sound stream is connected to a physical installation, which has its own appearance. At the same time, the works can be very strong conceptually.

(Beeoff, Splintermind)



New piece on the nonTVTVstation starting now!

See the piece at:

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde
The county museum of Gävleborg
The county museum of Gotland
Sverigefinska Folkhögskolan in Haparanda
Hotellet (restaurant and bar in Stockholm)

For more information contact Björn Norberg,, tel: 0708-82 58 73

A performance special curated in co-operation with Eva Broberg

During four weeks the nonTVTVstation will broadcast four new performances by five Swedish performance artists. The artists are all working in Stockholm with a focus on the art of performance but they all have different methods. Andreas Hammar often in his pieces refer to role plays and live games. He investigates the relationship between reality and fantasy and will in his performance for the nonTVTVstation create a silent movie live game using an "artistic" milieu. The performance duo Nordic Dumplings has used themes as exchangeability, norms, nature and culture and has embodied the themes in a number of female figures; Klatterladies, Cracklegirls and Representants (Klattertanter, Knasterflickor and Representanter). Supported by some multinational companies Karl Tuikkanen will in his work Watch me sell out in every possible way consume some for our time typical products in an aesthetic and at the same time provoking surrounding. It will be a performance for your body and your soul. Malin Arnell works with class and gender questions in her art. She often uses social interaction in her performances but for the nonTVTVstation she will play basket ball, alone. Arnell is a member of the performance trio High Heel Sisters.

Performance is a form of art for the scene. It is often an action, site specific and limited in time. It can be performed anywhere outdoors or indoors or by using some kind of media. The artists look for new individual and social processes using the performance and interaction as tool. Here the one week long, 24 hours a day, performance and the real-time Internet broadcast consists a new situation for the performance art. What will happen when the audience is distanced from the artist and the art is communicated via the computer screen? The five performers have been challenging the performance form in earlier pieces but these conditions are new. What will this mean to the artists and their art?

Eva Broberg

Eva Broberg is a free lance curator and producer at Fylkingen in Stockholm. She is invited as guest curator for the WEEK performance project.

Andreas Hammar: Artlife

Games, role-play and computer games have been a large part of Andreas Hammar's life for a long time. Just like books and film these media create places you can share with many other, still the places is created in our minds. Reflecting on the games he played in his childhood Hammar remembers scents and sounds, as they were images.

"Ten or fifteen years ago I was a teenager working in a game store. I was once asked to write and construct a live game for a certain society. I didn't have any clue who these people were but they wanted something unusual for a party they were going to throw. I constructed a live game and let the screen play take place in an artistic milieu, with all the stereotypes you could think of. I never had the chance to see the result and the manuscript is now gone, but I have understood that the party was quite successful. I was even asked by some others to write a scenario for some electricians. Just a few years ago I started to work with live games again. The result this time was a silent movie scenario. In this performance together with the artist Patrik Lindgren and some friends, I will act as real artists for one week. Just like living under the roofs of Paris. Or something like that."

With the support of the European union - Dictorate General Education and Culture

NonTVTVstation is a part of Splintermind, based in Stockholm Sweden. Splintermind co-operates with NIFCA, The Museum Of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Kiasma in Helsinki and some more institutions. Together we invite artists to the Splintermind studio to create a work, an Internet broadcast, in real-time for real time distribution. Via the Internet you can see the broadcasts on the Web and at the institutions (at the institutions in TV-quality). The task is to create a live broadcast for one month, 24 hours a day. The artist is free to choose any kind of media.

The broadcasts started in 1999 and at the moment Splintermind discusses co-operations with 7 more institutions in Europe and America.